MIPCOM 2015 Cannes, France – Grab and Share, Tellyo’s real time video clipping service , was launched for use on Insight – the new UltraHD factual entertainment channel reaching out to 60 million TV households across the globe.

Launch button being pressed by the Insight team in MIPCOM 2015 in Cannes, France

Launch button being pressed by the Insight team

With Grab and Share, viewers can capture highlights from straight from the live broadcast of Insight’s rich and immersive shows and instantly share video clips across Facebook and Twitter.


Till now, Tellyo’s real-time video clipping technology has been deployed by broadcasters in Belgium, Finland, Spain and Poland but with Insight, its reach is significantly extended across Europe and Asia.

“We are excited to work with Insight not only because of their wide international reach, but also because of their pioneering approach to push the boundaries in all areas, whether creating innovative formats or creating immersive experiences with new technologies.” said Kimmo Koivisto, CEO of Tellyo.

Grab and Share is deeply integrated in Insight’s shows allowing the viewers to share the experience further and offering the channel and the operators new ways to incentivise and reward audience engagement.

“With Grab and Share we want to support the habits of the younger generation who consume content in multiple ways and who want to share their experiences across their social networks. It is an example how we go beyond simple viewer interaction and offer advertisers more opportunities to attract and engage with audiences” commented Mariam Zamaray, CEO of Insight.

UltraHD channel Insight pavilion in MIPCOM 2015 Cannes, France

Insight’s pavilion in front of the Grand Hotel in MIPCOM 2015. Big screens promoting Grab and Share together with Insight shows.

Grab and Share is available on http://www.insight.tv/share and later on also via Insight iOS and Android apps.

Kimmo Koivisto

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