To benefit both you and your sponsors we’ve developed our Tellyo platform in three ways: to bump sponsor branding to the fore, power visual presentation and improve collaboration.

We’ve done so because real-time social videos provide a golden opportunity for sponsors. They’re an ideal way to get a sponsor’s name in front of audiences online and for sponsors to tap into the incredible emotional value of memorable moments.

Real-time social videos provide a golden opportunity for sponsors. Click To Tweet

The stats will satisfy sponsors looking to enhance reach, gain impressions and engage audiences. Video represents 74% of all internet traffic. Cisco predicts this will top 80% for consumer traffic by 2019. Engagement is highest on social media posts that contain video.

Three ways to incorporate sponsorship using Tellyo

1. By adding branded bumpers

Branded bumpers, such as an animated sponsor’s logo at the start of a video, can balance your sponsors’ needs while not turning off audiences with commercial messages. These audiences will want immediacy and to get to video content quickly.

Because they’re less intrusive, lightweight in size and fast when loading, short bumpers will appeal to impatient mobile users in particular. A trend led by You Tube with its six-second bumper ads.

In Tellyo you can automatically add pre-prepared bumpers to every video. This will not only speed up your team’s ability to create and share videos in real time. But also means no one will forget to include your sponsor’s logo in the rush to create and share content in the now.

2. Giving more visual power to brands

With four-times as many consumers preferring to watch a video than to read text, the power of visual presentation comes into play for brands.

This need to ‘get visual’ is something that Chief Marketing Officers understand according to a CMO Council study. Visual assets – such as video, photos, illustrations and infographics – are core to how a brand story is communicated.

Using Tellyo, you can create visually captivating videos that bring sponsors into your brand’s story. These videos can include visual effects such as overlays for captions and sponsor logos. Bespoke overlays can be easily created to fit your sponsors’ needs.

3. Through greater collaboration

Our platform has been built to enable greater collaboration between you and your sponsors. You can give them access to content, meaning they can distribute your videos direct from the platform on your behalf.

In Tellyo, access can be easily managed by adding rules, so it’s always you who is in control of how your video content is shared. What’s more, Tellyo provides concrete data that is available for all teams to access in real time. This means you can track and analyse performance, such as shares, reach and impressions, with greater accountability and a tangible return on investment in mind.

Matt Glapinski Marketing & Communications Manager

Sharing my views about social & video marketing. Supporter of Chelsea FC & Los Angeles Lakers.

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