Each minute a publisher is late posting a story osts between €155-€255.

By Ezyinsight

The leading social media analytics company EzyInsight just released a study that shows how costly it is to be even one minute late for publishing news. Facebook and other social media is increasingly deciding what stories we read and what videos we watch. The race to publish first has never been more intense as breaking news and sport highlights are taking over the internet in mere minutes. Thanks for Facebook’s algorithms, fast Davids are winning the eyeballs from Goliaths who have much bigger distribution. We know speed is important, but how much does it actually cost to be late in publishing?

Ezyinsights has done great job in estimating the monetary value of being late – their recent study shows that it costs between €155 – €250 each minute a publisher is late from publishing the news! If that is not yet mind boggling figure, then check this out: for a medium sized publishers posting 15 stories a day, being just 5 minutes late costs them between €1.100.000 – €1.800.000! These are huge numbers and we recommend taking a more thorough look into their analysis to understand where these figures are coming from.

Video amplifies the impact of being first – or late

Publishers being just 5 minutes late on 15 stories per day costs then between €1.1M - €1.8M per year in lost revenue.

By Ezyinsight

The case Ezyinsight used to estimate how much it costs to be late is based on a full page CPM of a traditional news story that has a photo and text – but how does the case change if we swap the photo to a video? Having a video embedded to a news story brings in pre-roll video ads that command much higher CPM’s than traditional page ads. Video advertisement CPM’s are often 2-5 times higher compared to traditional page ads. The higher value CPM’s increases the speed-to-publish value of each video story to €310 – €1.500 per minute!

We have interviewed dozens of broadcasters and it takes usually couple of hours to get a highlight published from a live game or a TV show. With costly special arrangements such as having dedicated video editors being on call, we have seen newsworthy clips being published even in 15-30 minutes. Still is quite considerable delay and means you have lost the race to publish first.

How to win the race to publish videos first?

Be fastest, be first

By Ezyinsight

Tellyo Pro is the fastest cloud-based video editor that every reporter can use with their browser. Highlights are ready in seconds and delivered to your online assets or CMS. We have proven results: in our latest completed project, Tellyo Pro videos reached more than 10% of the country’s population on daily basis.

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Mariusz Ostoja-Swierczynski CTO, Co-Founder

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