The best sports are full of drama, thrills and emotion that connect us with events when watched live or through the lens of social media. In fact, social media often gets us closer to the moments that really matter, helping us to see and feel the drama as it unfolds.

Check out the following thrilling and emotive videos from these socially-innovative sports organizations.

Guinness PRO14 Rugby

The Guinness PRO14 rugby tournament is a global brand with a TV rights deal and an innovative digital team making the most of social videos, too. Our Tellyo Pro platform is being utilised to create compelling highlights from live games and clip moments to provide videos of crucial events for social audiences, all in a matter of seconds.

Here are some pieces of PRO14 action… Firstly, a top tries compilation:

And an unbelievable try from Munster player, Joey Carbery. Spectacular!

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)

The UCI is responsible for numerous cycling events around the world, with one of the most prestigious being the UCI World Road Championships.

2018’s UCI World Road Championship was held in Innsbruck, Austria. The event, involved the best riders in the world, while some routes had approximately 5,000 metres of altitude, making it truly challenging. The Championships were broadcasted to 150 countries, with short video clips also shared to social media.

Just look at this incredible finish:

Or this heart-warming example of fair play:

International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)

Each month the ITTF produce hours of stunning video content, taken during competitions around the world. From the Republic of Fiji to Germany, during duel after duel, hours of content is recorded and shared via streams and social videos. Fortunately, it’s easy to produce and manage this amount of content with Tellyo.

Table tennis is such an amazing sport for video. It’s extremely dynamic and spectacular – every single millimetre counts here! When the best players in the world are playing, you can be sure that you’ll witness all kinds of emotion.

And this video is the table tennis equivalent of a Ronaldo vs Messi technique challenge! (Be warned: the commentator is going crazy, so if you watch it on headphones, turn the volume down a little bit!)


Every year Fise organise multiple events across different extreme sports – from parkour to BMX and skateboarding, with the FISE World Series at its pinnacle. The event is one of the most prestigious extreme sports events, hosting the best athletes and gathering thousands of spectators at venues, but also digitally and on social media.

The FISE production crew utilize Tellyo Pro Editor to produce short clips out of live streams ingested onto the platform. Here’s a jaw-dropping 3-second clip from the World Series:

And a top performance from one of the Fise Jeddah 2018 event winners, Daniel Dhers:

England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

Global sports production company, Sunset+Vine, provide engaging video clips directly from live streamed ECB cricket games. The goal being to promote cricket more widely across social media, and to let fans around the world see the ECB’s best moments.

Here’s a great moment as Alastair Cook scores another century:

Is your sports organisation ready for video?

Every single sport is suited to being promoted through video content. Sport fans simply want to watch sports, wherever they are!

Where fans have accessed sporting content

If you want to learn more about video’s impact on sports bodies and federations, explore our blog and case studies section, or simply contact us to discuss how you could benefit from utilizing our Tellyo platform.

Most of the videos mentioned in this article have been made using Tellyo Pro – our cloud-based platform for frequent and regular live content production. It enables you to ingest video streams and broadcast these to social channels and RTMP destinations, while also clipping live content into videos to post on social media.

If you’re looking to clip videos for social media, there are some new Tellyo automation features to consider, especially if you’re using Opta event metadata:

  • Smart Clips, which automates video clip creation from live sports content.
  • Auto Clip-to-Post that lets you fully-automate clip creation through to social messaging and social posting, all in one go.

Both are giving more power to editors in their mission to deliver quality sports content to audiences quickly and efficiently.

Pawel Kanski

Content specialist at Tellyo, Widzew Łódź supporter

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