Back in the day, when Facebook was on the rise, every business owner wanted to be there ‘because everyone’s there’. The social network was soon flooded with aesthetically poor and awkwardly positioned business profiles, most of which were instantly forgotten.

The lesson we can all take from back then, at the beginning of the Facebook hype, is that it’s not enough to just be in the right place. In order to gain social media results, you need to remember why it’s good to be there and how to do things right.

So, let’s start with some basics, so you can ensure your video presence on social media is professional, striking and memorable.

Social media broadcasting is dialogue

Many organisations deciding to make the leap to social media often forget one basic principle: social media is all about dialogue between brands and fans.

So, when you start posting your videos to social media, don’t be surprised by the amount of feedback you receive. It’s not enough to simply stream great content, you must be prepared to handle the reactions of your community – positive or negative.

Prepare your social media team to expect the unexpected, such as difficult questions, spammy comments and harsh language, much of which you’re likely to encounter.

Roll with it… it’s not a such a bad thing

A traditional broadcast is controlled by a TV station, while video on social media can develop a life of its own even after being broadcast to a social channel. Once transmitted to the web it could be re-shared thousands of times, rippling out to more and more fans in the process.

What this does raise are questions about how to ensure your branding remains while your content extends its reach. The good news is that there are many useful things you can do to protect and secure branding on your content, such watermarks and bumpers.

Protect your rights by branding your content with watermarks, overlays, wipes and bumpers. Tellyo can help you to do this.

Broadcast is dead, long live the broadcast!

In the world of social media, a broadcast is not a singular event. From broadcasted content, you can create multiple, independent video clips for different social channels, different time zones, and in different languages for different audiences. You can recycle content by creating clips, highlights and compilations.

Thanks to Tellyo, you can even create cool clips during a stream; while also being able to create longer video compilations by joining clips from your live stream with older content created from other sources.

Let your social media folks get creative and play with content. Bring it to life one more time!

Timing is everything (duh!)

In professional broadcasting, especially in sports, timing is crucial. Being able to clip and share a replay to Facebook and YouTube is everything. You can be sure that the first brand to replay a goal or a golden moment will build more reach and grab new viewers within seconds.

If you can automate content production to gain speed, don’t hesitate to do it. In Tellyo, for example, you can ensure branded bumpers are immediately added to all content as part of your workflow.

One more thing…

There’s no simple or perfect recipe for success. Just be prepared and open minded.

If you’re looking for a tool that will help you quickly move beyond the basics and reach new heights with social media, check out Tellyo’s features and our case studies.

Pawel Kanski

Content specialist at Tellyo, Widzew Łódź supporter

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