Digital video publishers have spoken about the challenges they face in an insightful report from Wibbitz: Winning strategies for digital video.

Through its findings, having surveyed the company’s American and European publishing partners, Wibbitz have been able to identify the challenges proving hardest to overcome.

biggest digital video challenge - survey results

But for every challenge faced, there’s always a solution. And here I want to look at the top four challenges, and how our Tellyo platform can help you overcome your pain by offering some simple fixes.

Human resources

The major challenge for many video publishers is simply having people in place to produce and distribute content. The reality of many people being involved in video production may sound familiar to you? It’s something we often hear from businesses here at Tellyo.

Potential customers often tell us how they have separate teams for production and for social media, all trying to manage a technically demanding process. Our response is always the same: it needn’t be this way.

Our Tellyo platform democratises video editing, negating the need for tons of specialist and expensive kit, while making the whole process easier and quicker for your people to manage. Tellyo will make video publishing easier and less resource consuming, but not less powerful. Ultimately, you will be able make more brilliant content with the same human resources.


You may be finding that it’s pretty easy to reach decent levels of video views, since platforms like Facebook clearly favour video over other content types. But what comes next? What to do with your hundreds, if not thousands, of video views? Well, you’re not alone in asking such questions. Monetisation was the second biggest challenge highlighted by Wibbitz survey respondents.

With Tellyo, you can monetise your video content very easily using our platform’s features. These include pre- and post-roll advertisements, and branded video players. All of which can be included when you share video content or stream it to different social platforms via Tellyo.

For businesses that are not yet utilising video content – if you move swiftly, you will boost your chances of capturing the attention of new and existing audiences through the video content they desire. This will help you to create monetisation opportunities further down the line. Which leads nicely to my next point…

Quantity and scale

Because there’s huge demand for video online, businesses want to be able to deliver the quantity and scale that’s required. To cut a long story short, Tellyo helps you to scale production in a very short space of time. For example, our easy to use workflow can be rapidly integrated into and adopted by a business.

Quantity is also extremely important. As an example, let’s take a look at an analysis of one of our customers, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

There’s strong correlation between number of videos shared by the ITTF and engagement rates:

Number of videos shared and number of interactions

Simply put: the more you share, the more likely you are to achieve greater engagement.

Maintaining quality and standards

It can be a challenge to pay attention to quality if there’s no time to waste and your main competition never sleeps. Tellyo addresses this by delivering tools that help maintain fast-paced video production, while empowering you to communicate a consistent and coherent brand story through well-packaged videos.

To do so, we make it easy for your team to work together. Using highly-reliable Amazon solutions, Tellyo is cloud-based platform which makes it easy to access for the people involved in a project. What’s more, our platform makes it possible to fit video production to the different software and hardware requirements you might be working with. This means you can provide high-quality content fitted to different standards and expectations.

For example, Tellyo can digest various sources, such as HLS, RTMP, satellite streams and TV Exchange Points. It will also work with the most popular social and video networks, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, but also Brightcove or custom destinations.

When it comes to working with our customers, we’re pretty flexible here at Tellyo.

We’re always open to new challenges and more than ready to provide solutions fitted to the specific challenges you face. Our platform is also geared towards empowering you as a digital video publisher, so you can focus on the quality of your content, rather than on technical or organisational obstacles.

Please get in contact to discuss your challenges and how we can help.


Pawel Kanski

Content specialist at Tellyo, Widzew Łódź supporter

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