Here at Tellyo we understand the power of video. We believe it can help brands to form an emotional connection with consumers, something we see video achieve every day.

A hot-bed of creativity, we love sports video commercials. Always inventive, our favourites reach beyond the traditional business-to-consumer relationship. They truly appeal to potential consumers by reaching below the surface to what’s important to these people. What they believe in, what they stand up for, and what values they get behind.

Here we’ve chosen five of our favourite sports video commercials.

Sport needs creators by Adidas

Adidas’ video is a pumped one-minute motivational talk. It encourages you to be you, which is what will make the difference. It doesn’t need to say ‘buy Adidas, it’ll make you great at sport’ but cleverly puts each viewer’s destiny in their own hands. “Tap into your imagination and use your creativity to be the difference”, says the voiceover. “If you call yourself an athlete, create something. Sport needs you.”

Human by Reebok

Reebok’s Human campaign centres on the achievements of everyday people. It shows that anyone can grow as a human being through sport. It takes the idea of hands being the storyboard of a person’s life. Each callus representing effort, commitment, dedication, someone’s journey through life. “Because for every callus on our hands, and scar on our bodies,” says Reebok, “an even deeper mark is made within. We become more human.”


Sport England’s National Lottery funded #ThisGirlCan campaign inspires woman to take part in sport. Powered along by Missy Elliot’s Get Ur Freak On, it showcases a range of brilliant woman of all shapes and sizes. The women are not only taking part in sport, but smashing stereotypes and breaking barriers. “I kick balls,” says one of the overlays. “Deal with it.”


Nike’s video promotes gender equality by showcasing Middle Eastern female sports stars. Published just before International Women’s Day, the video progressively presents the hijab in sport and promotes women’s participation in the Middle East. The video asks: “What will they say about you? Maybe they’ll say you showed them what was possible.”

Nike presents Da Da Ding

A longer-form music-style video, Da Da Ding was India’s first Nike advert. It aimed to address the image problem experienced by women’s sport in the country, by making it cool. Gizzle’s soundtrack sets a dramatic pace, while featured female stars reflect the diversity of India and of sport in the country. The spirit of Nike shines through to the soaring chant at the video’s end: “Da Da Ding, Da Da Ding. Let’s go!”

What do you think of our choices? Are there any you would add to the list?

Matt Glapinski Marketing & Communications Manager

Sharing my views about social & video marketing. Supporter of Chelsea FC & Los Angeles Lakers.

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